Teaching Hub

Teaching Hub

Our teaching hub is an avenue opened to provide variety of teaching services. The teaching hub has four teaching platforms designed to meet the learning needs of students at different levels. It presents a unique and tailored teaching needs of students, depending on their assimilation levels.
We provide trained, qualified and dedicated teachers who ensure students are given adequate learning time and also makes every topic easy to understand. Our teachers also give recommendations to parents when they identify learning problems of wards; to enable parents make informed decisions about their child.



utees here are in their regular schools and we offer them learning support after school from 4pm to 6pm or 5pm to 7pm. Our home tuition service is designed to help students to clearly understand and catch up with topics and subjects they never understood in school.
Our tutor deliver best teaching skills that enable students to easily understand topics or subjects.
Our teachers further gives recommendations to parents based on their ward’s attitude and approach towards learning. This we believe helps parents monitor their ward’s progress.



Tutees do not go to school. We give them full tuition at home from 9am to 2pm (Mondays to Friday)
Our tutors deliver best teaching skills that enable students to easily understand topics or subjects and find it enjoyable at the same time. With the Eduvolgh home schooling service,

  • We Shelter children from school violence, drugs, and other negative behaviors children in public schools frequently encounter.
  • We Provide children with the personal interaction that teachers in large classrooms are not able to provide
  • We spend extra time helping children develop any special talents they possess, including musical and athletic.


Pre S.H.S Classes

Our pre senior high school classes (Pre S.H.S classes) is initiated to help students who have completed the junior high education and are seeking to have firsthand introduction to the senior high schools subjects.
Our dedicated teachers structure a curriculum which will benefit the students. Particular attention is paid to the Core Subjects of the senior cycle.

At the end of every week, students under this module are expected to take part in a test or class exercise so as to make them aware of what to expect in the near future. Renowned teachers of performing senior high schools also come to help nurture the students and provide support to how they approach issues as well as advise them on life in the senior high schools.