Human right Internship

Journalism Internship
March 7, 2018
Youth Volunteer abroad
March 6, 2018


If you aspire to intern in the competitive legal profession with respect to human right, we secure your placement at the commission for human and administrative justice (CHRAJ), the highest human right institution in Ghana, well-structured law firms or chambers which have renowned and experienced barristers or solicitors, and best human right institutions with renowned lawyers and activists.
Whiles you build your CV, learn new things, create international network, and gain new experience, you create impact and bring smiles to the face countless people.

Human right internship work in Ghana, gives you the opportunity to create positive legislation, or make difference in the lives of people. You enhance the face of legislation and enable people fight for their rights .

Interns work on projects such as social justice, community outreach, legal and social education, poverty, and government accountability monitoring Campaigns. Interns also regularly perform educational and awareness outreach work in communities on issues such as domestic violence, interstate succession, access to land, child labor, child trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation of children, the right to education and information et cetera.

We offer a wide variety of placements suitable for law graduates, law professionals wishing to take a career break, law students (during holidays) and people who have completed a law conversion course.
In some destinations we also have some placements for pre-university students thinking of joining the legal profession and people with no formal law experience who have good communication skills and a desire to work in the field of human rights.
This is an overseas human right internship placement which enables you to gain a unique insight into day-to-day legal practice, and the rules of law, while working in renowned legal organizations in Ghana.

Our internship programs are designed just for you to fulfill your abroad internship goals. Our well-trained, dedicated, and professional staff will work side-by-side with you and provide the needed assistance throughout your stay.
Our host family home offers decent accommodation (neatly fitted rooms) with serene environ, local and continental dishes prepared under strict hygienic conditions, scheduled transportation service, 24/7 security and 4G internet access. “Welcome to the gateway of Africa”