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March 4, 2018
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March 4, 2018


Donating education or sports items helps a child or youth get a material that will enhance their talents and give them a brighter future.
Are you an individual who want to make a difference and create impact in the lives of rural students or talented youths in sports, from Africa? Then you are welcome to Education Volunteers Ghana, where we assist deprived rural students and talented sporting youths in rural or remote communities.
We mission is to assist children and youth succeed in education and sports. We secure funds, learning and teaching , and sporting material to support children and youths in deprived rural communities in Ghana. We believe these items will enable them achieve their dreams, and change makers in education and sports will emerge among them.
Your support will go a long way to put smiles on countless faces. You are welcome to make this meaningful impact and difference in lives.
You can also join our teaching abroad or sports coaching programs.
Together, we can make the world a better place. You are welcome to Ghana, “The Gateway to Africa”
Our education and sports material donation program is designed to enable you change lives and give hope.