Construction internships equip you with practical, unique experiences that positively impact your future employability. Education volunteers Ghana (Eduvolgh) provides international construction internships that contribute to lacking infrastructures in developing communities, and help you achieve your personal and professional goals.
Whether or not you desire a long-term career with building, construction, or community work, our internships will give you hands-on experience that will enhance your career development.
Interns participate in sustainable construction projects within the ten regions in Ghana and get the opportunity to renovate basic infrastructures, health and educational facilities; which contribute to locally-run community building projects; and assist with awareness of maintenance culture. Apart from these internships we also have a range of programs specifically for students looking to travel during their spring break and make a real difference in the world.
An Eduvolgh construction internship abroad gives you:
• Real-world experience with community engagement and field work
• Extensive training and mentorship on sustainable building development
• The chance to contribute to the infrastructure of developing communities
• Access to quality staff guidance and evaluation on an individual project
• Teamwork, collaboration, and critical-thinking skills
• Leadership capacities gained from the GVI Leadership Training Course
• The opportunity for field employment after your successful internship
Our internship programs are designed just for you to fulfill your abroad internship goals. Our well-trained, dedicated, and professional staff will work side-by-side with you and provide the needed assistance throughout your stay.
Our host family home offers decent accommodation (neatly fitted rooms) with serene environ, local and continental dishes prepared under strict hygienic conditions, scheduled transportation service, 24/7 security and 4G internet access. “Welcome to the gateway to Africa”