Eduvolgh Students Club (ES CLUB)

This is a unique students club initiated to help primary, junior and senior high students achieve their education goals. The club provides several education benefits to our club members. Es Club is designed to provide tailor-made solutions to challenges facing our club members. The club provide avenues for students to network positively and cross-fertilize ideals that will enable them achieve greater education heights.

We provide unique solutions for every member, therefore each member gets the exact support needed.

Our members enjoy education benefits such as,

  • Career guidance
  • Counseling
  • Education Tours
  • Mentoring
  • Student networking platforms
  • Entrepreneurship training
  • Leadership training
  • Scholarships
  • Learning materials
  • Student Empowerment seminars.

At Es club, we nurture of members for lifelong education success! That is why we say “Unique learning experience”

Eduvolgh Rural Education Aid (AREA)

This initiative is designed to help provide rural communities, its schools and students with education aid. We provide this support by providing teaching and learning materials to rural community schools and students. We further establish Community Education Centers (CECs), which serves as Resource Center for education development in rural communities.

Our Community Education Centers (CECs) have facilities such as libraries, ICT labs, science labs,and a conference halls. This will offer academic and personal opportunities of lifelong learning in rural communities.

This initiative is made possible by donations from volunteers and donors.

Eduvolgh Student Empowerment Seminar (ESES)

ESES is a platform created to enable students have a face-to-face engagement with renowned professionals in the education fraternity, who will guide them to find their strength and capabilities for both academic and personal advancement.

students gain new sense of personal power! This program helps students learn to identify and overcome self-limiting beliefs… to recognize the strength within, and move beyond fears. Our empowerment seminars facilitates achieving new levels of lifelong success in academics and career.

Eduvolgh Scholarship Initiative (ESI)

This Scholarship Initiative was created to support brilliant but needy students in Ghana. Our scholarship initiative is designed to help brilliant students from poor homes achieve their education dreams.

Our Scholarships are awarded based upon various criteria, which usually reflect the values and purposes of our organization.

This initiative is made possible by donations from volunteers and donors. To help us support more brilliant students in Ghana, please contact us. We are very grateful for your support.

Students of Ghana (SOG)

The students of Ghana (SOG) initiative was designed to publish passionate stories of students. These life stories are captured to motivate other students not to give up, and also secure funds to support students who need help. The captured stories are that of students who did not or have not given up their education; irrespective of the challenges or hardship faced. The stories are to motivate, empower,and give hope to other students around the world to fight and have the spirit of perseverance.

Eduvolgh Youth empowerment Center (EYE-C)

Under this initiative, we acquire empowerment centers to give skill training to youths in Ghana. We provide the opportunities for both young men and women to learn skills in carpentry, masonry, metal fabrication, cosmetology, fashion designing, Information Technology, entrepreneurship, beads making, among others.

This initiative will give deprived youths lifelong learning experience for professional and personal development. This will enable these young men and women

  • Improve their Self-Confidence.
  • Keep their Brain Healthy and Your Mind Sharp.
  • Learn Practical Life Skills.
  • Model Positive Behavior for their future.
  • Learn for Leisure.
  • Generate an alternative income.

You are welcome to enable us spread this initiative to all of Ghana.

Education Policy Review (EPR)

Under this initiative, we collaborate with education experts and professionals to scrutinize the education policies in Ghana. We partner with stakeholders to cross-fertilize ideas and ensure all education policies will benefit every student in Ghana irrespective of gender, geographical location, family status or political affiliation.

Our recommendations are drafted to yield solutions to education problems in Ghana. Our core objective for this initiative is make Ghana an education hub in Africa and ensure education policies serve the interest of every Ghanaian.

With the Eduvolgh Education Policy Review (EPR), we ensure education in Ghana is

  • Accessible
  • Quality and
  • Affordable

Support us achieve these initiatives.