How do I know Eduvolgh is a legitimate organization?

Education volunteers Ghana is a registered NGO and our incorporation number is CG18490201 department. We have served many volunteers and interns from countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, Germany et cetera.


Why should I seek volunteering or internship program at Eduvolgh?

Because Eduvolgh provides quality and affordable program for volunteers and interns. Our values are, support, affordability, safety, experience and loyalty.


Why volunteer abroad?

It helps you increase self-confidence, social awareness, develop your skills and help you acquire international contacts.


Why intern?

Internship helps you acquire an on-site working experience that directly relates to your major field of study.


What benefit will I get in internship abroad?

Internship abroad enables you gain valuable work experience, develop new skills and work with professionals, establish international reference, experience new culture and international networking and partnership.


Why should I pay to volunteer or intern?

Your registration and program fee is used to pay for expenses associated with your stay in country, including airport pick up and dropping, accommodation, meals, orientation pack, certificate and testimonial among others.


How affordable is Eduvolgh program fee?

We are genuinely passionate to provide high quality yet affordable program for you. Unlike other organizations, we don’t have any hidden cost and makes sure you fulfill your dream.


How do I join your program or qualify for placement?

And? Just fill our online apply form and submit it. Click to apply.


Do Eduvolgh accept groups or institutions?

Yes, we accept groups or institutions, and if the group has ten or more members, we arrange more suitable fun trips and discount. We receive groups from churches, schools, universities and companies from different countries.


 Can I volunteer with a friend?

Yes you can. We accept friends or couples who wish to volunteer or intern together. We make it fun by placing you in the same accommodation. You enjoy your sightseeing together.


How secured am I?

Your security is our priority, and therefore, we provide you security at both project site and home too. We have follow up teams to respond to your everyday need.


Which dress will I wear at project sites?

We provide volunteers and interns with Eduvolgh customized shirts.


When interning, will I have my private desk?

Yes, interns have desks solely meant for them, both at home and at project sites.


Will I get my personal mobile phone?

Yes, every volunteer or intern is given a mobile phone. It is for only in-country country calls, during emergencies, or reaching site supervisor.


Will I get a safe drinking water?

Yes, all volunteers and interns are given bottled mineral water every day.